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On March 1, 2011, Washington, DC- Therapeutic Communities of America announced that the Board of Directors approved a name change of the association to Treatment Communities of America (TCA).

TCA was founded in 1975 as a non for profit member-led professional association in the United States and Canada. The Therapeutic Community Model of Services has been evolving since 1946, with roots in social welfare, psychiatry, psychology, sociology and more recently, addiction treatment.

TCA is a consortium of over 600 programs sites providing an array of integrated services which include primary and preventive care, outreach; education, assessment, referral and follow-up; detoxification and crisis management; residential treatment with aftercare support; outpatient services; family therapy; mental health services; vocational assistance and job placement; emergency, transitional and permanent housing with supportive services.

Our programs serve a broad sector of the community including pregnant post partum women and dependent children; the homeless; adolescents, those with mental illness and addictive disorders; those afflicted with HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis C; inmates, ex-offenders and those involved with the criminal justice system and; Veterans and the National Guard.

The name change more accurately reflects the complexity and diversity of the service delivery systems of our member organizations. The mission of Treatment Communities of America is to advocate for and to advance a comprehensive system of community centered care for those with substance use and mental health issues.

TCA believes that addiction requires a diagnosis, and diagnosis requires an appropriate level of treatment. Further, that treatment saves money and lives and that recovery restores families and communities.