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Regular TCA Membership

  • Dues are assessed annually and payable on January 1st. Members are expected to submit full year dues in a timely fashion and in no case later than by June 1st. Dues for regular TC agency members at set at a sliding scale based on the member’s agency budget.
  • Members who discontinue membership for any reason are expected to have completed payment of full dues for that current calendar year. Refunds will not be made to agencies that discontinue membership during the year.
  • Former members who had outstanding dues and request reinstatement will be expected to pay such back dues unless waived by approval of the full membership.
  • New member agencies that are approved at the first meeting of the calendar year will be assessed full dues for the first year; those approved at subsequent meetings will be assessed on-half of annual dues*.
  • Members are expected to notify TCA of any change in agency leadership, corporate status, license, budget category for dues assessment purposes, or any other factor that may impact on membership status.
  • Members whose dues assessment category   changes during the year will receive an adjusted assessment at the beginning of the next dues year (January 1st).
  • Membership is limited to non-profit organizations.
  • Providers and community services that support the TC modality of care are eligible to apply for regular TCA membership. All regular memberships will be reviewed by the TCA Membership Committee and must be voted in by the TC Board of Directors

*except those assessed at $500 annually.

Associate TCA Membership

  • Membership is open to all individuals, associations, and interested parties at an annual fee per calendar year.
  • All Associate Members agree to abide by the TCA by-laws and support the mission of TCA.
  • Associate Members are non-voting members.
  • Associate members have the benefits of membership as set by the Board of Directors.

Non-Profit providers and Treatment Communities supporting a holistic TC modality of care are encouraged to apply for Regular TCA Membership