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Biden-Harris budget proposes historic funding increases for addiction services

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

Late last week, the Biden Administration released its FY22 budget, which contain some historic proposed increases in funding for addiction prevention, intervention, and treatment programs:

Total Request: $6.4 Billion (increase of $2.6B from FY2021)

  • Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Block Grant (SAPT): $3.5 Billion ($1.7B increase and includes a new 10% recovery set aside)

  • State Opioid Response (SOR) Grants - $2.3 Billion ($750M increase)

  • Targeted Capacity Expansion - $147.9 Million ($45.7M increase)

    • 23 new centers that are identified by communities

  • Criminal Justice Activities - $124.4 Million ($35.4M increase)

    • 94 new drug courts that combine sanctioning courts to treatment services - alcohol and other drug use, child abuse, and neglect

    • Stakeholders work together to find recovery in people suffering from addiction and develop skills to become fully functioning members of society

  • Pregnant & Postpartum Women - $49.4 Million ($15.6M increase)

    • 45 new residential treatment plans for pregnant women and families

    • Address the continuity of care even after

    • Coordinated, efficient state system that is managed by agencies with a new model of agencies and procedures

  • Building Communities of Recovery - $20 Million ($10M increase)

    • Further mobilization of resources by increasing the prevalence of long-term support systems

    • New cohort supporting 31 recovery community services

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