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(Feb. 1) TCA was honored to share time with Karen Bass, Mayor of Los Angeles, social worker, and former Member of Congress, to discuss challenges related to substance use and homelessness in the city of Los Angeles and nationwide. Per her request, TCA will produce a document outlining provider recommendations for strengthening systems that address substance misuse.

Mayor Bass has been a longtime supporter of treatment, and has been honored by TCA in the past for her contributions to the SUD treatment field while in Congress.

"We will never be able to fully confront the homelessness crisis in our city if we do not couple bringing Angelenos inside with quality substance abuse treatment. Together, we will lock arms to ensure that we deliver for the people of Los Angeles."

TCA members have a virtual discussion with Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass regarding substance use needs and challenges.

TCA members met with Dr. Gary Tsai (center), Director of Substance Abuse Prevention and Control for Los Angeles County.

"Achieving the aim of improved care integration will only be possible through sustained investment in the least developed arm of the health system––which is often SUD systems." DR. GARY TSAI, DIRECTOR Substance Abuse Prevention and Control, Los Angeles County Dept. of Public Health

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