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TCA, WFTC Training Event Highlighted Evolution of Therapeutic Communities

This week, Treatment Communities of America (TCA) and the World Federation of Therapeutic Communities(WFTC) convened an international virtual training event to highlight the evolution of Therapeutic Communities (TC) over time, successes and challenges faced by TCs, as well as unique service areas in which TCs are transforming communities and building recovery. The event was attended by hundreds of participants all over the world, and should serve as a good foundation for future TC-oriented training events.

KEYNOTE SPEAKERS: Dr. George De Leon and Naya Arbiter

TC PANELISTS: Cecilia Denmark, Bridges International (Adult TC); Debbie Pantin and John Venza, Outreach (Adolescent); Vitka Eisen, HealthRight360 (Families & Children); and Gregg Dockins, Gateway Foundation (Criminal Justice).

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